March 2018

Dear Oil Lover, 
A Cause for Celebration
Although it’s been a long time coming, I am starting to feel that Spring is very much upon us. The Season, and this month in particular, also brings with it reasons to celebrate. International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Mother’s Day is also a cause for celebration, in my book. It is a day when we honour the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. 
This month, I have asked my mother to contribute to this Newsletter. Here is what she had to say.
Sylvia's Spring Cleaning
My name is Sylvia and I’m passionate about looking after the environment and using dōTERRA products. Two years ago, our septic tank failed and we replaced it with a domestic waste treatment system. Because this system uses bacteria to process waste, it means that I cannot use any products with the words ‘anti-bacterial’. I gave away everything that had that phrase on the label. At around the same time my daughter, Rina-Marie, gave me some dōTERRA oils and a diffuser for Christmas. I decided that I would look into using their products to care for our home and to explore how I could maintain the same level of cleanliness and freshness without using bleach and other chemical products. I was so impressed with dōTERRA that I started buying oils on a monthly LRP template. I use the oils and products all of the time and my house is now a dōTERRA home. 
As the winter starts to lose its grip (although as I look out of the window it is snowing!) it’s time think about spring-cleaning. Here are some general cleaning recipes for you to try.
All Purpose Surface Cleaner
10 drops Wild Orange, 10 drops Peppermint, 10 drops Eucalyptus, 10 drops On Guard, 2 fl oz White Vinegar, 6 fl oz distilled water (or boiled and cooled). *Mix together in a spray bottle, preferably glass. Shake well before use.
Bathroom Cleaner
3 tbs On Guard Concentrate, 20-30 drops Lemon, 24 fl oz water. *Mix together in a spray bottle, preferably glass. Shake well before use.
Mould and Mildew Preventer
30 drops Melaleuca, 10 drops Peppermint, 16 fl oz water. *Mix together in a spray bottle, preferably glass. Shake well before use. Spray directly on to the mould or mildew. Do not rinse. Repeat as often as needed. 
I have used all of the above recipes in my home. Feel free to add/replace the oils with alternatives like grapefruit, lavender and lime. This month I’ll be trying out a recipe for furniture polish. I’ll let you know how I get on with this in the next edition. Happy cleaning!

March Promotions 
You can purchase dōTERRA oils, supplements and cleaning products through my website (retail prices apply) or I can enrol you with your own account (wholesale prices apply – a 25% reduction). Every month, dōTERRA has great offers for its account holders. This month's promotions focus on Grapefruit, Cypress, and the wonderful anti-ageing Immortelle. You can view the promotions at the bottom of this page and by visiting, and pressing SHOP.
Dōtty's Looking Good and Feeling Great” Facebook Group
This is the place to be to learn great tips and ideas for using essential oils. If you are not yet a member of the group but would like to be, let me know and I will add you without delay!

Happy Oiling!


Rina Bailey 
Wellness Advocate 
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Rina Bailey