August 2018

Dear Oil Lover, 
Welcome to August's Newsletter.
How was the month of July for you? Mine was hot. Real hot, darn hot! And even though I am a fan of the sun and of summertime, the temperatures in July caused me to look seriously for ways to cool myself down. As is often the case, the best solution was a simple one - I just grabbed a glass bottle and some oils and made myself a Summer Spritzer.  
Here's my Summer Spritzer recipe:

In a 60ml glass bottle:
 Add 20 drops of Lavender 

Add 20 drops of Peppermint 

Fill to the top with water

Shake before use and spritz away day and night

Avoid spraying into the eyes or into the ear canal! 

I purchase most of my containers from Essential Oil Supplies. You can purchase a 60ml glass bottle for your Summer Spritzer for as little as 90 pence. 
 Using dōTERRA Oils as Scent
Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the aroma of the finer things in life including perfumes, pot pourri, incense, candles and, of course, fabric conditioner! Sylvia will tell you (through gritted teeth) that when I was about four years old, I wandered into her bedroom and opened a brand spanking new bottle of Chanel No.5. The perfume was a gift from my grandmother and it had been lovingly transported all the way from Australia. I took the lid off and promptly spilled the entire content of the bottle all over the carpet. What can I say? I just fancied a little sniff! Sylvia had made the classic mistake of telling me not to touch the Chanel No. 5. 

Scent is, of course, an individual preference. Your absolute favourite aroma may be the next person's most-hated stench. It's also true that an aroma that smells heavenly in a bottle may not have the same perfume notes when applied to your skin. It's a case of trial and error! 

Here are some of my favourite oils for use as perfumes and aftershave. As they are all in 15ml bottles or less, they are great for taking with you on your travels and will sail through the airport in your hand-luggage if necessary. Whisper, Vetiver and Sandalwood can be applied neat or with a carrier oil of your choice. Rose, Neroli and Jasmine are NEW dōTERRA "Touch" products (in roller bottles) and are all pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Jasmine and Ylang Ylang’s euphoric aromas combine with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa to make this blend unmatched in complexity and aromatic influence.

Vetiver has a rich, exotic, complex aroma that is used extensively in perfumes and aftershaves. Vetiver is the most sedative of the oils and has a calming, grounding effect on the emotions.



Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and well-being.

Sweet, Floral, Citrusy, Fresh
Jasmine: Floral, Warm, Musky, Exotic
Floral, Dry Sweet

Tried and Tested with Sylvia 

This month, I made a reed diffuser in preparation for our French visitors as part of our town twinning exchange. I was hoping to infuse their bedroom with the smell of Wild Orange, Bergamot and Lime. This is the recipe I used (you will also need a set of reeds and a glass diffuser bottle).

60ml Fractionated Coconut Oil, 10 drops Wild Orange, 10 Drops Bergamot, 5 drops of Lime (20-25 drops of oil per 60ml of FCO is the recommended dilution). Allow 24 hours for the oil to soak up the reeds before turning over and replacing in the bottle.

Disappointingly, the smell of the oils did not permeate the air so I moved the diffuser into the bathroom, thinking this would do the trick! Again, no delightful perfume! Not to be outdone, I added another 10 drops each of Wild Orange and Bergamot, but the only way I could smell the oils was by sticking my nose into the reeds to catch a faint waft. Ah well, at least it looked good! If you have any suggestions to improve this recipe, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

The Reed Diffuser with Wild Orange, Lime and Bergamot 

My next test was cupcakes with Geranium and Lavender icing. YES - success on a big scale. I added two drops of Lemon to the sponge mixture and made a batch of butter cream icing. I split this into two parts and added one drop of Geranium and food colouring to one half, and one drop of Lavender and food colouring to the other half. Absolutely delicious with a cup of fresh coffee for our afternoon treat.
Lemon Cupcakes with Geranium and Lavender icing

Dotty's Oils Website was officially launched in July!

Regina Smohai, Mary Hazeltine and Sally Baker all won a 15ml bottle of Balance as they were the first three customers to enrol with their own account through the website. Congratulations to you all. 

Take a peek at the website and let us know what you think. We are always happy to hear ways in which you think we can improve both the newsletter and the website. 

On the website, you will find lots of information including:
  • Why Rina and Sylvia actively promote health and wellbeing through the use of dōTERRA essential oils.
  • How to purchase dōTERRA products either as a retail customer or as a wholesale customer (with a 25% discount).
  • Details of FREE essential oils workshops hosted in Surbiton and Ystrad Mynach.
August Promotions
What’s In Store Next Month?
I will be focussing on oils and supplements to assist with digestive issues. 
Sylvia will be testing a Mint and Lime foot scrub and a Grapefruit body Spray.

See you all in September! 
Rina Bailey

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