March 2019

Welcome to Dotty's March Newsletter. 
Yoga and Me
Here I am striking a (Warrior II) pose in May of last year at the Bodylove Retreat in Mallorca. Whilst I love this picture and it makes me happy to look at it, I have to admit to having something of a love-hate relationship with Yoga. I utterly LOVE it because stretching, breathing, making time for myself and disciplining myself to focus on my practice are all things that bring me joy. If I'm having a bad day though, I utterly HATE it because it makes me feel overweight, clunky and a million miles away from the Yogi I want to be and the Yogis I see around me (in class or online when I am practising at home). 

I know, I know, Yoga practice is a personal self-care journey and I shouldn't compare myself with how far other people can bend backwards or how long they can stand on their heads for. But I have to admit that I do struggle with that from time to time. To overcome any feelings I have that I am not the proficient and elegant Yogi I'd like to be, I try to focus on being present, on accepting myself as I am and on all the wonderful things my body can do rather than can't do (yet!). I also find it helps to remember the wise words of Jigar Gor: "Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down."
If I am practising at home, there is always one chappie who is there to encourage (or, ahem, bite me) during my practice and that is Manly Stanley, one of my beautiful moggies. Here he is just chillaxin' on the mat, enjoying the calming vibes that I have created. 
One thing you'll always notice about me during Yoga (if you get close enough), is that I am wearing essential oils. I love to create a mood or set an intention for my practice by applying to my neck and wrists a single oil or a blend of oils. Sometimes, I will be drawn to a certain aroma (like Air, for example, because it helps clear my airways and focus my concentration). Other times, I will reach for my Emotions and Essential Oils book and choose an oil based on an emotion I currently feel or an emotion I want to eliminate (such as Grapefruit "The Oil for Honouring the Body" which is said to teach true respect and appreciation for one's physical body).  

Last year, dōTERRA launched its Yoga Kit - a range of three oils - Anchor, Align and Arise, which have been individually blended to enhance yoga practice. The blends are designed to "...provide aromas to steady, centre and enlighten you spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching the body". What's not to like?
The Yoga Kit. £70.33 without an account. £52.75 with an account. 
Of course, practising Yoga is not a pre-requisite to using these oils! They can be diffused or applied topically to your skin when you would like to feel grounded (Anchor); when you feel things are a little off-kilter (Align); or when you are feeling on top of the world and want to showcase that (Arise). Give them a try and decide for yourself. The Yoga Kit costs £70.33 if you don't have an account with us or £52.75 if you do, a saving of 25%.

I use this oil when I feel I need grounding. It's a really earthy aroma and it makes me feel very calm and centred. It contains Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood, Black Pepper, and Patchouli essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Anchor is rich, earthy, spicy, woody.
The perfect yoga poses to pair with Anchor’s aroma are Seated Meditation, Seated Twist, and Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart, the other on the Earth).

Given that Geranium and Jasmine and two of my favourite aromas, you'd think that this combination would be a winner for me, right? Wrong! It's not that I actively dislike the smell, it's just that it's not one of my favourites. It certainly perks me up though and gets me focussing on my posture and breathing.  
It is a blend of Bergamot, Coriander Seed, Marjoram Leaf, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Rose, Jasmine Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Align is green, fresh, herbal, lightly floral.

Ideal yoga poses with Align’s aroma are Warrior II, Triangle, and Gate pose.


My personal favourite of this Yoga trio! Arise is an uplifting, fresh and warm scent, full of promise and optimism.

It is a blend of Lemon Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Siberian Fir, Osmanthus Flower, and Melissa Leaf essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Arise is citrus, rich, floral, sweet.

Use Arise while practising the following yoga poses: standing, arms high and standing side stretch, and Half Moon.

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Tried and Tested with Sylvia 

I have tested two things this month - a Hair Serum and a Melaleuca (tea tree) Ointment. Regular readers of Tried and Tested with Sylvia will know that I’ve had a few failures as well as successes and I’m pleased to say that this month’s products are up in the top 5 list for me!
Hair Repair Serum

10 drops Rosemary
10 drops Cedarwood
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Melaleuca
 5 drops Peppermint

Put oils into a 30 ml spray bottle, half fill with witch hazel and the rest with water. Shake before use.
All the oils you need for the perfect Hair Repair Serum.
I thought I would let you have a testimonial from my daughter-in-law Lindsay who was staying over for the Wales v. England Six Nations game - well done Wales - da iawn Cymru!
"When Sylvia asked me to try out her new hair serum, I was quite willing until she said that I could wash my hair, but not put any conditioner on it.  No conditioner????  On my hair???? I was now very dubious about this trial, my hair is a tangled mess when I get out of the shower at the best of times, it is long and thick and uses a lot of conditioner.  I could not see this working.
It was a Sunday though, and I wasn't going anywhere so I gave it a whirl.  Standing in front of the mirror post shower staring at the giant bird's nest on top of my head with the serum in hand, I thought 'no chance'.  I sprayed a bit on and sprayed a bit extra on the ends and then gently attempted to comb my hair.

Amazing! The comb went through the tangled mess with no problem.  After I had dried my hair, it looked no worse for not having had conditioner and it felt really soft, in fact, I think my hair looked better than it usually does.  I would definitely recommend this.”
Thank you for giving it a go Lindsay! I also used the serum on my fine, short hair. It worked immediately and left my hair feeling soft, non-greasy and manageable. I would probably use it every 2 to 3 days instead of my regular conditioner.
My second product was a Melaleuca ointment. Again, this was very easy to make.
Melaleuca Ointment 

Add 4 drops of Melaleuca to 2 teaspoons Aloe Vera gel.
Mix well, and store in a small glass jar.

As a keen gardener, I often find myself coming indoors with a few scratches from the plants and I used this ointment to soothe and moisturise my skin. The scratches healed quickly and I feel this is a great addition to my store of natural remedies.
Melaleuca Ointment: just oil and Aloe Vera gel!
Next month I’ll be testing out an Earthy Aftershave and an Allergy Relief Roller. 

If you want to test out my products, just drop me a line and I’ll send you a sample.

March Promotions

The Product of the Month is Lemongrass (great when combined with Deep Blue for soothing tight muscles and joints).

Save 10% when you purchase Mito2Max (a caffeine-free alternative for increased energy and vitality).

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What’s In Store Next Month?
I will be reporting on the Breathe and Tap your way to Balance Workshop that Nick and I recently attended hosted by Kate Woodward and Lou Tasssell. I had intended on including it in this month's newsletter but I'm going to keep you in suspense until April!
Sylvia will be testing out an Earthy Aftershave and an Allergy Relief Roller.

Have a great March and see you in April!
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