July 2019

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Earlier this year my cousin Tina recommended to me Dr Rangan Chatterjee's best selling book: The Four Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life. I downloaded it immediately but predictably allowed it to sit on my Kindle, untouched, for a few months. 

I do love a self-help book (although I find the term a little derogatory - as if it's sinful to try and improve or "help" yourself).  I try and read a few of these types of books every year. So much so that my friend Nicky used to tease me that perhaps there was a self-help book out there to help me with my obsession with self-help books. Ha! 

Anyway, anyway, I've now read the book. In fact, I found it such an easy and compelling read, that I read most of it on a four-hour flight from Gran Canaria to London. Although the majority of the principles in the book aren't new to me, it was good to be reminded of the numerous ways I can take small steps to improve my health and my wellbeing.  

The Four Pillars are 



Now, I don't want to spoil the book for you, because I really would recommend reading it, but Dr Chatterjee suggests we focus on The Four Pillars (in equal measure) to both examine and improve the manner in which we Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep. Each Pillar is sub-divided into a further five categories and we are encouraged to incorporate those categories into our daily life. For example, under the Relax pillar, we are encouraged to have me-time every day and to eat one meal per day around a table - without an e-device.

When I examined these four pillars for myself, it occurred to me that my day-to-day life already incorporates some of the principles that are advocated (phew). And when I looked even more closely, I was intrigued to find that my daily use of essential oils fits neatly into these four pillars, without my even realising it. I thought I would share with you which oils support me and under the four pillars.

practice stillness daily

I incorporated daily stillness practice earlier this year. Although it varies, I tend to rub some Balance (the Grounding Blend) onto the bottom of my feet in the morning and sit still for a while before my day begins. 

drink 8 glasses of water

I easily drink 8 glasses of water a day and often add a drop of essential oil. Slim & Sassy has been a firm favourite of mine for a while. But! There is a new kid on the block: Green Mandarin. It's just the best! TRUST me.  

do a form of HIIT twice a week 

I have recently started spinning again and am just loving being back on the bike. My go-to oil for exercise is always Passion - I just love the warm aroma  and it's the Inspiring Blend for a reason, right?! 
create a bedtime routine 

The first oil I bought was Serenity - the Calming Blend - and it is an oil I still diffuse daily as part of my night-time routine. I pop the diffuser on at about 7pm, close the bedroom door, and serenity awaits when I go to bed around 10pm. Bliss. 
Tried & Tested with Sylvia 

I have been drawn to the occasional gin and tonic this month and this recipe claims to be the perfect partner for a cheeky G & T!


180g crumbled digestive biscuits
80g soft butter
300g cream cheese
200g mascarpone
100g honey
1tsp vanilla extract
3-4 drops of Lavender essential oil 
1-2 drops of Lemon essential oil and 2tsp lemon juice
300ml double cream
Violet gel food colour (optional) 

Sylvia's very purple but yummy Lavender Cheesecake 


Mix the crumbled biscuits and melted butter together. Flip the base of an 8-inch springform tin so the ridges curve downward and press the biscuit mixture firmly into it. Place in the fridge to set.
Beat together the cream cheese, mascarpone and honey. Slowly tint the mixture with the food colouring (if using) until the desired colour is achieved. Add the vanilla extract, Lavender and Lemon essential oils, and lemon juice and mix well.

In a separate bowl, add a touch more violet food colouring to the double cream then whip until thick, but not stiff. Fold it into the cheese cake mixture.
 Spoon onto the biscuit base and chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours. 

This was really easy to make and tasted divine. It's a very smooth, creamy cheesecake and it freezes well. And yes, it was indeed a good match for my G & T. However, I did need to have a second helping of both just to make sure!  

As you will see from the picture, I didn’t quite get the right shade of delicate lilac I was aiming for!

July's Promotions 

Oooooh, now this is exciting! Have you been wondering for a while whether or not to take the plunge and enrol with your own account? Have you read something in a previous newsletter or seen one of the videos posted in Dotty's Facebook Group and thought "I'd like to try that"?

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Do contact me to discuss enrolling either by emailing rina@dottys-oils.com or by texting or calling me on 07816113083.


Other promotions this month are:

Save 10% when you purchase Terrashield Spray (the Outdoor Blend - great for warding off mozzies and bugs). 

Get a FREE bottle of Eucalyptus when you place an LRP Order (Loyalty Rewards Plan) worth 125PV between the 1st and the 15th of July. 


Other News

It has taken us a while and some considerable tweaking but Dotty's Logo has been designed and is proudly displayed at the top of this newsletter. I really hope you love it as much as we do! A big thank you goes to graphic designer, Anu West, at Apila for all of her had work and patience in the construction of this logo.
We are, however, currently undecided at to the best strapline to sit underneath our beautiful logo and wondered whether you could help? 

We have whittled our choices down to two: 

Natural Solutions for Life's Challenges 


Nature's Advocate for Holistic Healing 

Here's what you can do! You can vote for your favourite strapline by following this link:


It really is just one question and everyone who votes will be entered into a draw to win a free Spa Body Wash. Well, it is set to be a very hot and sweaty July... and on that note, I hope you have a great month and I look forward to bringing you some more news in August. 

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