Essential Oil Blends 

In order to further harness the power of essential oils, dōTERRA has created a series of proprietary essential oil blends that combine several single oils with other natural ingredients to help you achieve a more specific, desired effect.

Because they combine the best characteristics from several oils, the essential oil blends are an integral part of any essential oil collection.


We at Dotty’s always like to encourage you to play alchemist and rest assured, you can mix oil blends with other oil blends.

Did you know that Citrus Bliss and Balance diffused together for example, creates the most divine aroma? It’s one that is uplifting, warming and grounding all at the same time!

Or how about Serenity and Air – the perfect combination for the snorers among you! Air clears the airways and supports the respiratory system and Serenity promotes balance and tranquillity for an improved sleep.

Rina’s favourite oil blend is Motivate.

Sylvia’s favourite oil blend is Citrus Bliss.


Become a Diffuser Blend Master

If you fancy becoming something of a diffuser blend master yourself, follow these five simple steps:

STEP ONE - Choose your Blend Type

Decide what effect you want from your diffuser blend.

Do you want to promote feelings of relaxation? Do you want something invigorating or motivating?

Are you trying to create a specific environment? once you determine the goal of your diffuser blend, it will be much easier to choose your oils.

Whether you need to create an environment of focus and motivation while you study for a test, or want to fill your room with a calming aroma before bedtime, choosing the right oils for your diffuser blend can help you create a specific atmosphere.

STEP TWO - Select an Oil Group

Next, select a group of oils that fits the description you want to achieve.

If you want a relaxing diffuser blend, choose oils that are known for their calming properties.

If you want something that creates an uplifting environment, chose essential oils with a bright and refreshing scent.

STEP THREE - Pairing

Once you’ve selected a group of oils that you think will help you achieve the desired effect, you can begin pairing them together.

Take the lids off 2-4 essential oil bottles and hold them directly under your nose.

This will give you a good idea of what the oils smell like together.

Switch out different oils to see which combination you like best. While oils of the same kind (citrus, floral, mint etc.) typically pair well together, you don’t have to tay within a specific oil category when creating your diffuser blend - it can be fun to mix things up!

STEP FOUR - Blending

When you have decided on a few oils that you want to blend together, it’s time to place them in the diffuser.

You may choose to do several drops of a certain oil and only one drop of another.

The amount of each oil you choose to add will change the aroma (and even the effect) of the diffuser blend.

STEP FIVE - Enjoy!

Once you’ve placed your oils int he diffuser, it’s time to enjoy your creation.

After experiencing what your diffuser blend smells like and the environment it creates, you can make adjustments to your diffuser blend by removing certain oils, adding in other oils, or adjusting the amount of drops the next time you make it.

Blending Essential Oils from different Categories

Still feeling a bit lost at sea?

Here are a few tips about which oil-types blend well with other oil-types.

  • Mint oils blend well with woody, herbaceous, earthy, and citrus oils.

  • Floral oils blend well with woody, spicy, and citrus oils.

  • Herbaceous oils blend well with woody, and mint oils.

  • Spicy oils blend well with woody, floral, and citrus oils.

  • Citrus oils blend well with woody, spicy, floral, and mint oils.