Essential Oils for Energy & Motivation

Who amongst us couldn’t use the help of extra energy to get through the daily routine and onto the list of things we want to get done? Contemporary life is full of flashing lights and distractions and each of them comes at a cost to a part of our energy.  In the 16 waking hours we have available a day, how many do you get to spend on things that bring you satisfaction?

At Dotty's Oils, we promote a range of products to help you make the most your of your day, week, year and lifetime. Want to ensure you have the greatest chance of achieving your goals? You are in the right place.

We recommend using essential oils for energy and motivation in all three ways: aromatically, topically and internally.

Try mixing a few drops of Peppermint and Wild Orange together in the palms of your hands and inhaling deeply… heavenly, right? Now rub the residue on the back of your neck for an extra bit of ZING. Rina uses this quick pick-me up to combat her 3pm energy slump in court.



Fed up of drinking water on its own but, equally, want to avoid sugary drinks and cordials? Pop a drop of Green Mandarin or Smart & Sassy into your glass of water for a refreshing alternative.

To help you stay energised and motivated, why not try something from our range of supplements? Both Rina and Sylvia are huge advocates of the Lifelong Vitality supplements and take them daily. With essential nutrients, metabolism benefits and powerful antioxidants, these supplements work together to promote energy, health and lifelong vitality.

Are your energy levels seriously waning? Do you need to get out the big guns? Rina recommends Mito2Max – the energy and stamina complex. As someone who previously survived on coffee and ProPlus during times of high stress, Rina cannot praise these natural supplements highly enough.

A few of our other favourites are blends such as Zendocrine (the restart blend) that promotes increased energy through removing sluggish toxins in your system.

Or there’s InTune (the focus blend) that will aid your concentration and allow you to finish what you started, whether it is in a business or personal capacity. You know that feeling when your house is spotless because you are avoiding doing that piece of work that is sitting there waiting for you? Swipe some InTune on your pulse points and get ready to focus your focus!

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