Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep

Insomnia and other forms of sleep disturbance are one of the primary reasons that customers reach out to Dotty’s Oils. The accumulative effects of sleep deprivation are exhausting (literally) and are often part of a greater holistic issue linking back to stress, anxiety or poor health. 

Photo by  Simon Migaj  on  Unsplash

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

We can recommend a range of nutritional supplements and essential oils for relaxation and sleep to help your body and mind achieve maximum rest.

Certain single oils are known to have a relaxing effect (Cedarwood or Lavender for example) or to have sedative qualities (Vetiver is ideal) but Rina and Sylvia’s top recommendation for tackling sleep and relaxation issues is the Serenity Combo Pack. This pack includes a 15ml bottle of Serenity oil (place 4-6 drops into your diffuser before bedtime) as well as softgels (take one or two when you need to feel more relaxed).

We always slightly despair when we are told that individuals who are trouble sleeping are using so-called pillow sprays. You may love pillow sprays and they may work well for you but if you are having trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep at night and you use pillow sprays, take a step back for a moment. Have you paused to ponder that perhaps having a scent or an aroma right next to your face throughout night may not be the most relaxing thing for you?

Instead of pillow sprays, we prefer to place oils on the soles of our feet at night. Why? Well, our feet are home to some of the largest pores on our body meaning that essential oils are more easily and quickly absorbed through them. Also, because the bottoms of our feet are not as sensitive as other parts of our body, we can use them liberally and undiluted if necessary. Above all, putting oils on the bottom of our feet means that we can benefit from their aroma and relaxing properties without having them, literally, in our faces.

We like to rotate between Cedarwood, Lavender, Balance and Frankincense.