Hair Repair Serum


10 drops Rosemary
10 drops Cedarwood
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Melaleuca
5 drops Peppermint

Put the oils into a 30 ml spray bottle, half fill with witch hazel and the rest with water. Shake before use.

Sylvia used the serum on her fine, short hair. It worked immediately and left her hair feeling soft, non-greasy and manageable. She recommends using it every 2 to 3 days instead of your regular conditioner. Lindsay, Sylvia’s daughter-in-law also tried the serum and had this to say:

“When Sylvia asked me to try out her new hair serum, I was quite willing until she said that I could wash my hair, but not put any conditioner on it. No conditioner???? On my hair???? I was now very dubious about this trial, my hair is a tangled mess when I get out of the shower at the best of times, it is long and thick and uses a lot of conditioner. I could not see this working. It was a Sunday though, and I wasn't going anywhere so I gave it a whirl. Standing in front of the mirror post shower staring at the giant bird's nest on top of my head with the serum in hand, I thought 'no chance'. I sprayed a bit on and sprayed a bit extra on the ends and then gently attempted to comb my hair. Amazing! The comb went through the tangled mess with no problem. After I had dried my hair, it looked no worse for not having had conditioner and it felt really soft, in fact, I think my hair looked better than it usually does. I would definitely recommend this.”