Essential Oils

Although essential oils have been used for centuries it is experiencing a huge renaissance at the moment.  As we’re all transitioning into a digital age there has been a corresponding yearning to connect with nature. One of the ways we can do this is through the use of essential oils.  And as the aroma is so good, why wouldn’t you want to connect in this way?

There are three different ways to experience essential oils. Many are interchangeable but each has its preferred method: aromatic use, topical use and/or internal use.

Photo by  Brittany Neale  on  Unsplash

If you’re new to essential oils why not jump straight in to your Dotty’s Oils adventure? We suggest having a browse through our Kits and Collections. The Natural Solutions Kit is a firm favourite for new customers with its extensive range of oils and products. It is the ultimate starter kit.

Love the aroma of a particular plant or flower and want to dive in straight away? Check out the Single Oils. Want a pre-made, perfectly blended selection of oils to assist with your mood and emotions? Fancy trying out your own diffuser blends? Head for the Oil Blends.

If you’re here for a specific holistic purpose be sure to visit Holistic Healing where you will find suggestions for oils and products you can use to assist with stress and anxiety; energy and motivation and sleep and relaxation.

Want to delve into one of our specialist areas? Perhaps the Yoga Kit is the one for you or something from the On Guard Collection? Looking to detox? Check out the Cleanse & Restore Kit.

And if you’ve heard about our bleach-free, toxin-free, eco-friendly cleaning products and workshops, visit our Workshops page and our Lifestyle page. When you visit our Workshops page, you’ll discover how you can book a place at one of our workshops or connect with us one a 1-2-1 basis.

The Lifestyle page is all about cooking, cleaning, haircare and skincare and it’s jam-packed with ideas and recipes for making your own natural and cruelty-free lotions and potions with essential oils.