Rina has a real love of cooking and cleaning… no, seriously, she does! And she gets her passion for both from Sylvia.

Rina and her brothers Richard and Liam were learning to bake cakes from an early age, and of course, they were sent to their bedroom to tidy it at the merest mention of being bored. They also learned to iron and take care of their own laundry. Sylvia ran an efficient and clean household!

In her Tried & Tested column which features in Dotty’s monthly newsletters, Sylvia experiments with different recipes using essential oils and natural products.

Browse through Sylvia’s recipes to catch a glimpse at some of our favourites. The recipes are easy to follow and are often, dare we say it, very easy to make!

We would encourage you to go ahead and try something for yourselves and we’d love to her from you if you decide to do so.

Cooking with Essential Oils

Cooking with EOs Image.jpg

Sylvia loves to cook and bake! Try one of her tried and tested recipes:

Lavender Cheesecake

Mixed Bean Salad

Bonfire Night Soup

Lemon or Lime Bars

Household Cleaning Products with Essential Oils

Rina and Sylvia both run make your own cleaning products workshops.

Rina and Mum Puckering.jpg

You can attend one of them in person by booking you place here.

Here are some of our most popular cleaning products:

Toilet Blocks

Fabric Conditioner

Bodycare with Essential Oils

Rina and Sylvia use essential oils topically every day and are always looking for new ways to make natural products to use on their skin and in their hair.

Here are some of the recipes that Syliva has tried and tested:

Bodycare Image.jpg