As nature’s advocate, sustainability is one of the core values behind Dotty’s Oils.  The holistic connection we make between the body and mind is also one we extend to our environment. Our body, mind and environment are all interconnected, and we thrive or not, together. 

Photo by  pine watt  on  Unsplash

Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

It’s no secret that the earth is suffering under the weight of pollution and global warming.  At Dotty’s we are always looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gases; our range of home products are stored in recycled materials and we do not use any poisonous chemicals.  Furthermore, our supplier, dōTERRA is committed to ensuring that the production methods that they use are the most natural; ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

dōTERRA applies the principle of sustainability to essential oils in three ways. Firstly, the production and the environment; secondly with corporate social responsibility in the local community policies; and finally in the sourcing of the plants and fruits that create the finest and purest essential oils.

Committed to extending the work that dōTERRA has created in their source communities they have also set up a charity, the Healing Hands Foundation, which exists to bring holistic healing to all of the world by striving to eliminate poverty and empower impoverished communities to become self-reliant. Every time you purchase an oil or a product through Dotty’s you are investing money in the lives of those in real need around the world.