Ways to Buy

# Join and Save 25%

You can purchase products at a discounted rate (as a wholesale customer)

Most dōTERRA customers choose to enrol (join) with their own account and become a Wholesale Customer. They do this because it is the most cost-effective way to purchase the whole range of dōTERRA products. It takes a matter of moments to enrol. 

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Having your own account means that you can immediately start reaping the benefits that using essential oils has on your physical and mental wellbeing.

What are the benefits of enrolling? There are many benefits but for most customers, the 25% discount on all products is the biggest attraction. 

  • It costs £24 to open a dōTERRA account.

  • £12 of this fee goes directly towards the Healing Hands Foundation - dōTERRA's own charitable organisation. The Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the World, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

  • Once you have your own account, everything you purchase attracts wholesale pricing which is 25% less than retail pricing. This means that when you enrol with your own account, you SAVE 25% on every purchase.

  • You are eligible for monthly promotions and free products.

  • Having your own account means that you can purchase monthly through the Loyalty Rewards Programme.

  • If you purchase one of our Enrolment Kits as your first purchase, the £24 is waived. Our most popular Enrolment Kit is the Natural Solutions Kit.

Ready to Get Started?

Click <here> and follow the instructions below:

  • Follow the prompts to select the correct shipping destination and country.

  • Select 'Wholesale Customer' and enter your information.

  • Choose your preferred Enrolment Kit OR choose the Welcome Pack & Enrolment option (#32010015) and then add your selection of products to your basket.

  • Then checkout. You have enrolled with your first order! 

If you are unsure about what to order or would you rather connect with us by email or on the telephone, get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

#Purchase Retail

You can purchase products at full price (as a retail customer)

If you have you considered the option of becoming a wholesale customer but you’d rather not join and save 25%, then simply purchase through our online store by adding the items you want to your cart and checking out.

#Making your Money go Further…

If you have enrolled with your own account, you can now order through the Loyalty Rewards Programme - this simply means ordering on a monthly basis.

  • There is no order too small or too large.

  • You choose which products you want to receive.

  • You choose when you receive your order.

  • You will be reminded to check your monthly order a few days before it is shipped to you.

  • You can amend or cancel your order at any time.

Most dōTERRA products have both a monetary value (£s) and a points value (PV). When you purchase monthly through the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) you earn points which you can use to purchase products once you have accumulated enough.   

For Example:

  • Lemon oil costs £9.30 to purchase (its monetary value) and is worth 12PV (its points value).

  • When you have enrolled with your own account, you can purchase Lemon oil for £9.30.

  • OR, if, as a result of having purchased on the LRP you have accumulated 12PV or more, you can save your pennies and rather than purchase Lemon oil for £9.30, you can exchange 12PV for the Lemon oil.

    Watch this short video to see why LRP makes sense! https://vimeo.com/295172387