An Opportunity Awaits

would you like to grow your own dōterra business?


When Rina and Sylvia started using dōTERRA products, they had no idea that they would one day become Wellness Advocates, actively growing their own dōTERRA business. 

We would advise anyone who is interested in exploring how to build a dōTERRA business to start by simply using different products every day. The only way you will ever know if you can promote a product is by using it, right? When you are confident that you want to promote dōTERRA products, you can do so in one of two ways. 

You can SHARE or BUILD with dōTERRA.

A SHARER loves dōTERRA products, has their own wholesale account and wants to casually share essential oils with others. They are interested in earning enough in bonuses to pay for their monthly Loyalty Rewards Order and are willing to host themselves or invite individuals to a workshop hosted by Rina or Sylvia. 

A BUILDER loves dōTERRA, has their own wholesale account and intentionally shares essential oils with others. They are interested in replacing income through building a home-based, dōTERRA business. A dōTERRA Builder will initiate and teach workshops to introduce others to essential oils and will actively learn and use the knowledge they've gained to support  team members. 

To learn more about the dōTERRA Compensation Plan and how it could help you to build a residual income, watch this short video:

Do reach out to us if you have any queries or are interested in joining our team.