We Value Your Loyalty

Make your Money go Further

Ordering through the Loyalty Rewards Programme means ordering dōTERRA products on a monthly basis.

  • There is no order too small or too large.

  • You choose which products you want to receive.

  • You choose when you receive your order.

  • You will be reminded to check your monthly order a few days before it is shipped to you.

Most dōTERRA products have both a monetary value and a points value (PV). When you purchase monthly through the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) you earn points which you can use to purchase products once you have accumulated enough.   

For Example:

  • Lemon oil costs £9.30 to purchase (its monetary value) and is worth 12PV (its points value).

  • When you have enrolled with your own account, you can purchase Lemon oil for £9.30.

  • OR, if, as a result of having purchased on the LRP you have accumulated 12PV or more, you can save your pennies and rather than purchase Lemon oil for £9.30, you can exchange 12PV for the Lemon oil.

Watch this short video to see why LRP makes sense! https://vimeo.com/295172387