Who We Are


We’re two generations of women who’ve risen from super challenging environments to discover the power of holistic healing through the use of essential oils and supplements.

We started Dotty’s Oils to share our expertise in using essential oils as a natural solution to life’s challenges.


Rina’s Story

An advocate in the legal sense as well as for Dotty’s Oils, Rina spent her post-university years working towards the lifelong ambition of becoming a barrister. Even armed with the right qualifications she met obstacle after obstacle - she hadn’t received a private education; she wasn’t an Oxbridge graduate, she had a Welsh accent, she had no personal contacts within the legal profession and worst of all, she wasn’t a man!


Not to be deterred by any of these “challenges” she boldly embraced sectors of law that meant she was representing individuals charged with the most serious offences.  As much as she loved her job and the responsibility of ensuring that justice was available to all members of society it started to take its toll after 15 years.

One day, out of the blue, Rina woke up and felt like she couldn't get out of bed. Considering herself a morning person, this came as a total shock to her. This dark and unwelcome feeling came out of nowhere as far as she was concerned: one day she was plodding through (an admittedly stressful) life thinking that she was coping just fine and the next day – BOOM – she felt on the verge of a meltdown. It transpired that after so many years dealing with difficult and troubling cases, the stress and anxiety had built up and had practically brought her to a total halt. 

She recovered the energy to continue working but noticed she was missing her usual sense of purpose. A close friend recommended that she try dōTERRA essential oils to combat her low mood and sense of desperation. Dubious of the power of oils to conquer the stress and anxiety that had fallen on her but desperate for a solution, she tried dōTERRA products.

Firstly, Rina purchased the petal diffuser and an oil blend called Serenity (a restful blend containing oils such as Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver root, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile). She began by diffusing Serenity in her bedroom in the evenings and immeasurably improved the quality of her sleep within a week. Next, she diffused oils like Citrus Bliss and Balance during the day to improve her mood and get her motivated. Then she turned to Roller Bottles and began applying InTune to the back of her neck and temples to improve her focus and concentration.

The mindset shift from having a single, corporate career path fighting justice as a barrister to founding such a complementary venture as Dotty’s Oils has been a huge awakening for Rina; one that she continues to promote and enjoy. Since the discovery that she could practice as a barrister while enjoying a lifestyle of peace and freedom, she has expanded her outreach to bring aromatherapy-based solutions to busy, stressed out professionals, just like she used to be.  

Rina says: “I still practice as a barrister and have no intention of giving up. I believe that I am better in court now than I ever have been because of the way I can manage my stress-levels and emotions through using essential oils. I just needed to take a step back and look after myself before moving on again. This is the peace and freedom that my dōTERRA lifestyle has brought to me."


Sylvia’s Story

Long before dōTERRA existed, Sylvia was already interested in the power of essentials oils. In the late 1970’s, when her two eldest children were young, she would use Lavender and Geranium in an oil burner to scent her house. She was already aware of the beneficial and holistic properties of essential oils.

Sylvia worked in the highly demanding field of childcare social work. Over the years her love of oils extended into researching the physical and emotional effects of oils and how they could help her cope with her chosen profession.


Fast forward some thirty years to when Rina gave her a dōTERRA petal diffuser and a collection of oils as a Christmas present. Sylvia knew that there was something different about the oils, and having researched further into the company and its ethical stance on sourcing products and its charitable organisation The Healing Hands Foundation, she knew this would be the perfect fit for her passion for oils. Sylvia decided to join forces with Rina as the co-founder Dotty’s Oils.

Since doing so, Sylvia has developed her interest in using oils for cooking, cleaning (she makes her own cleaning products) and making bespoke blends. She tries out and tests recipes for her column in Dotty’s Oils newsletter and is committed to promoting a healthier, non toxic lifestyle using dōTERRA products.

Sylvia says: ”Having used essential oils in the past, I thought dōTERRA oils would be similar but I wasn’t prepared for the intense smell of the Lavender and I immediately knew that there was something very different about this company. My journey with oils continued when I had to replace my old septic tank with a new domestic waste treatment system that could not take anti-bacterial products. I realised that I could use my new dōTERRA oils to look after my home and to look after the environment as well.”