Long before the essential oil distillation and expression process begins dōTERRA has started the quality assurance process by partnering with the most knowledgeable growers. This ensures that the best seeds, most fertile soils, the best weather and farming practices are all taken into consideration to produce the highest quality and most natural essential oil.

dōTERRA uses only natural products in their process. When a plant or fruit becomes unavailable the resulting product is taken out of stock until the ingredient can be naturally replenished. No synthetic or chemical products are ever used in the process of creating essential oils.

The process of retaining the high quality of essential oil continues after harvest and distillation.dōTERRA has pioneered a rigorous procedure called Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) that is applied within their state of the art, scientific laboratory to ensure the quality remains consistent. The oils are tested by independent third parties.