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We were introduced to doTERRA and the world of essential oils from Rina following a conversation about my daughter who had trouble getting to sleep and had terrible car sickness.  After an amazing afternoon when Rina came over and introduced the kids (age ranges 4 - 10) to all the different oils and their properties and uses, we were hooked.  The oils have helped in so many diverse and unexpected ways.  We have used single oils and mixed  blends for sickness, verrucas, car sickness, anxiety and sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of enjoying a smell in the diffuser.  I have even started using the cleaning products, mixing  with my own blend of oils and definitely like the fact that there are less chemicals in my kitchen. My daughter, Devina (aged 9) said this: “The oils make me happy.  I like to experiment with the different smells and always want mummy to get new ones to try”.

Sharan, Thames Ditton

Rina visited St James Senior Girls on 9th November 2018. She delivered a wonderful PHSE wellness session to Year 11 pupils . Her knowledge and enthusiasm for using oils was passed onto all girls in a professional manner . Rina prepares an exciting PowerPoint and small samples were handed to pupils to try and take away. A question and answer session proved to be a good plenary. Rina also fed back all information from the questionnaires handed out during the visit . This was most useful for myself and Head of PHSE. I have no hesitation in recommending Rina to deliver a session in schools or other establishments.

Monica, Head of Art, Head of Upper School, Deputy DSL, St James Senior Girls’ School, London

Thanks for the essential oils roller you made for my arthritis. It’s the only product that gives me some relief. There are so many different things available and I’ve tried a few to no avail. Thank you again, Sylvia. I am very grateful.

Ray (aged 92 years), Gorseinon

I was struggling with a very poor sleep pattern, often waking in the early hours and struggling to get back to sleep. Mainly due to a mixture of work stress and pre-menopause. Rina suggested a combination of Serenity in a diffuser, Serenity Softgels and rubbing a few drops of Lavender on the soles of my feet each night. Within days I noticed a dramatic improvement in the length of time I stayed asleep and overall had a much better quality of sleep. Now four months later, I’ve got a much more settled sleep pattern, drop off much quicker, I'm sleeping through most nights and wake feeling more refreshed. Very happy.

Sarah, Radcliffe-On-Trent 

I have been using Dotty's oils for almost a year now - and what a difference they have made! As an asthma sufferer and with a partner who snores like a tractor, Air through our 8-hour diffuser has turned our sleep patterns a full 180 degrees! Great nights sleep for both of us now and the bedroom smells amazing! In addition, my diffuser on my desk at work (using Balance and Wild Orange alternatively for energising and refreshing properties) got so many of my colleagues talking that now the entire office have diffusers on their desks! Thanks Rina for the expert advice that you provide and the wide variety of products available.

Michelle, Romford

I make and sell cupcakes and at Rina’s suggestion I used oils last weekend in my lemon and chocolate orange cupcakes. OMG they were amazing! Customers loved them.

Adele, Northern Ireland

Always the sceptic - wasn’t sure I believed Rina when she told me to use Terrashield Spray on holiday, but WOW. Usually the prime feeding ground for Mosquitos I didn’t get a single bite. An itch free future for me I thinks!

Nicky, London


Hi lovely, could I please have another ‘Air’ oil? Loving it in the diffuser at night and hubbys using it every night, snoring is virtually down to 0 and I’m no longer a grumpy morning wife.

Marcelle, Stoneleigh


Lemon 🍋 oil. I tried it on engine oil, yes you read right engine oil. Had been helping my dad fix my car and had oil still on my finger nails 💅. One drop on each nail rubbed gently in, cotton bud, and off it came including under my nails. I'm loving experimenting with the best oils every day. Thank you  Rina-Marie & Sylvia for introducing them to me 💜💜

Caroline, Henllann