Case Studies


Stress & Family Wellbeing 


Sharon, a respected barrister and mother of three children (and a family dog… and cats!) approached Dotty’s after hearing the story of Rina’s transformation (read about it here)

At first she was interested in finding out about the products Rina had used to combat stress and anxiety but Sharon soon realised that her entire family could benefit from a Dotty’s solution to one ailment or another.

From her daughter’s car sickness to her husband's insomnia, Sharon has been one of Dotty’s strongest converts and advocates of the holistic healing properties of essential oils. 

She recognises the benefits of diffusing at home to create a relaxing and comforting environment for her family.

After an amazing afternoon when Rina came over and introduced the kids (age ranges 4 - 10) to all the different oils and their properties and uses, we were hooked”.

Sleep Problems 


Sarah was at the end of her sanity tether with disturbed sleep patterns and the corresponding exhaustion that follows prolonged insomnia.

There were elements of her life that could not be controlled, such as being at a pre-menopause stage of life.

Added to this was a good dose of work pressure but Rina was well versed in the associated sleep effects of stress.

After a consultation, Rina recommended a mixture of diffusing, ingesting softgels and applying oils topically which worked miracles for Sarah (Cedarwood and Balance are great on the soles of the feet). Okay, not miracles because Dotty’s understands the power of essential oils but in Sarah’s mind this is how it felt. 

Within days I noticed a dramatic improvement in the length of time I stayed asleep and overall had a much better quality of sleep. Now four months later, I’ve got a much more settled sleep pattern, drop off much quicker, I'm sleeping through most nights and wake feeling more refreshed. Very happy.

Focus and Concentration 


Rina was invited to give a talk to St James Senior Girls in November 2018 on the power of essential oils to assist with focus and concentration in the lead up to their end of year exams.

Unsure about what to expect from a group of teenagers who had already sat through an entire day’s worth of classes, Rina created a presentation specifically tailored to the needs and pressures of current-day students.

The presentation introduced a range of oils that could assist with focus and concentration both when revising and when sitting the exams themselves (for example Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint, Wild Orange and InTune).

She was delighted by the response received from students and staff alike. 

“Rina’s knowledge and enthusiasm for using oils was passed onto all girls I have no hesitation in recommending Rina to deliver a session in schools or other establishments.”